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    Sam Broadcaster + RadioBoss via Remote Desktop. Fully licensed / latest releases in Windows 2016 Server !
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    Exciting New Upgrades Get more listeners for your radio via automatically added into the directories.
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    Specialization and support In terms of image/audio streams, remote video playlist & producers automations.
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    Consultant services Innovative high-tech solutions with 20 year of experience, knowledge and know-how.
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    Audiovisual coverage Events and conferences in real time via internet.

Streaming services via the internet

Streaming services are now an important or - most important - tool of communication - information - promotion and interaction in the modern online world. They can also be used for a very wide range of applications in different areas of professional or amateur activity, easily relative, but also in multiple ways depending on the needs arising from it.

  • Indicative activities utilizing online streaming:

    → With over 20 years of experience, we have implemented our services in the following areas:

  1. Radio, sound, song and music.
  2. Television, movies & cinema.
  3. Cultural - Artistic events, lectures and conferences.
  4. Education and training, tele-education, seminars - private lessons.
  5. Sports events, tournaments.
  6. Business activities, e-commerce, telesales, telemarketing.
  7. Scientific research (observation of weather, landscape, sky, space, earthquakes, etc).
  8. Telemedicine - telematics, tele-study, tele-diagnosis.
  9. Security/surveillance/monitoring and space control systems (image/speech).
As well as other related or similar ones, which can really be utilized to the full in a very effective way, either by companies or by professionals, or by people interested in making creative use of their imagination and inventiveness, in their free time.

We have worked with several companies active in this field, both at the research & design level of services and at the level of practical implementation of webcast streaming systems.

Our many years of experience in the field has demonstrated a huge range of activities as well as remarkable-innovative features related to internet streaming services and the solutions that we have successfully developed over the years in large and small businesses.

Contact us to offer you the one that will fully meet your needs, but it will also really be a bargain for you...

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imageTrustworthy packages of radio transmission annually, semi-annually or quarterly subscription and Radio dedicated servers. Ready Radio-Dedi servers of monthy subscription.

imageTrustworthy packages of tv transmission annually, semi-annually or quarterly subscription & TV dedicated servers. Ready Tv-Dedi servers of monthy subscription.

imageIndicative packages of audiovisual coverage of events from our own external crew team for all your needs..

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