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Windows Media Services

Windows Media Services

Windows Media Services (WMS) is a Microsoft streaming media server that allows to an administrator to create streaming media (audio/video). Only Windows Media, JPEG, and MP3 formats are supported. WMS is the successor to NetShow Services (NetShow Services).

  • In addition to streaming, WMS can temporarily store and record streams, impose authentication and multiple logon boundaries, restrict access, use multiple protocols, generate usage statistics, and apply front-end bug fixes (FEC). They can also manage a high number of concurrent connections, which makes them ideal for content providers.

The streams can also be distributed between servers as part of a distribution network, where each server finally feeds a different network/audience. Unicast and multicast streams are supported (multicast streams also use a proprietary and partially encrypted Windows Media Station (* .nsc) file for use by player software). Typically, Windows Media Player is used to decode and watch/listen to streams, but other players are also able to play unencrypted Windows Media content (Microsoft Silverlight, VLC, M Player, etc.)

The 64-bit versions of Windows Media Services are also available for increased scalability. The Scalable Networking Pack for Windows Server 2003 adds support for network acceleration and equipment-based unloading, which increases the performance of the Windows Media Server. The newer version, Windows Media Services 2008, for Windows Server 2008, includes a built-in CMS/Proxy WMS plug-in that can be used to set up a Windows Media server either as a storage/proxy server or as a reverse server (Reverse proxy) so it can offer caching and proxy support on other Windows Media servers. Microsoft claims that these unloading technologies almost double the scalability, making it allegedly Window Media Services, the industry's most powerful streaming media server..

  • Windows Media Services 2008 is no longer included in the Windows Server 2008 installation files, but is available as a free download.

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imageTrustworthy packages of radio transmission annually, semi-annually or quarterly subscription and Radio dedicated servers. Ready Radio-Dedi servers of monthy subscription.

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imageIndicative packages of audiovisual coverage of events from our own external crew team for all your needs..

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